Helping Hands for The Plymouth Animal Shelter Inc.

  The Helping Hands for the Plymouth Animal Shelter, Inc. is a non-profit company which was just recently founded in September of 2008.   Everyone in our organization is 100% volunteer and has decided to dedicate their time and effort into helping the animals.

  Our purpose is to raise monies for veterinary and wellness care along with spaying and neutering and other needs that the Plymouth Animal Shelter may have. The town budget only allows so much and with the tough times and the economy the way it is, we just felt as though we had to do something.  All monies raised, donated or collected go toward the well being of the animals.

  We had the honor of helping 2 animals through surgery (an Australian cattle dog with a broken knee and a cat with a shattered back leg that had to be amputated) the dog was adopted and the cat is being fostered should anyone be interested in giving him a great home.  Other animals have had visits to the veterinarian because they were sick and in need of attention.

  Thanks to wonderful and caring people, we have been allowed to continue to bring in money to further help the animals.  Please let your friends and neighbors know who we are and what our future goals are. 

We thank you for your continued support!